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Kiana 4.0 - Big Life Update

If you had told me this time last year, that my life was going to turn upside down, that I’d have to sting myself with bees to stay alive and get better… I would’ve told you you’re crazy.

But life has been crazy. And my journey has led me to change, and learn, all whilst circumnavigating health challenges. So all the seemingly “crazy”, is now completely sane. All the stuff that made sense before, no longer does.

*Big Life Update, not-medical-advise-disclaimer blahblah, also trigger warning on ill health, Lyme and co infections, dental, Bee Venom Therapy, near death and sepsis, mental health, medical stuff*

[Image Description: Kiana outside in her garden on a sunny day, holding up a blue and pink mini beehouse. Black hair half-up, half-down, with a faint smile]

[Image Description: Kiana outside in her garden on a sunny day, holding up a blue and pink mini beehouse. Black hair half-up, half-down, with a faint smile]

It has been the most challenging 10 months of my life.

Last summer, I released Sirens, did interviews, celebrated with friends.

Then in a couple of days over August 2022, my whole world turned upside down. At a few work meetings, I realised I was feeling delirious. Nothing made much sense and time was moving super-fast…

It turned out I had a high fever I hadn’t quite registered from a UTI…after many rounds of GP visits, tests, antibiotics, marathon water drinking sesh’s, hospital visits, HIGHER high temperatures and PAIN in my abdomen and back… I ended up getting sepsis [but thankfully not septic shock] at home.

Another trip to AnE, and my own research after the sepsis episode, led me realise the standard NHS tests done for UTIs are completely inaccurate[i], leading doctors to dismiss my symptoms. So inaccurate you’d be better tossing a coin and being like “yip, you have a UTI”… or better still, believing a patient when they tell you, THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

I learned antibiotics do not necessarily work for all type of bacteria[ii], I learned about the horrors of antibiotic resistance happening NOW[iii].

I educated myself. Then did a MicrogenDx test[iv] – and yip, I had 3 very high loads of pathogenic bacteria causing agony and misery, including the very scary “citrobacter amalonaticus” which would only respond to one safe antibiotic [other last resort antibiotics can cause serious organ toxicity].

I also realised at this point it was a biofilm formed infection[v], meaning antibiotics alone were not enough – yes bacteria do not exist in solitary units, they unite to form slime [biofilm], talk to each other [quorum sensing] and evolve against known attackers [antibiotic resistance].

The NHS does not recognise chronic UTI’s[vi] [even if it causes them by poor medical care given to tens of thousands of people in the UK], and in rare cases when they do, they will put you on a life-time of antibiotics.

So I did the only sensible thing I could to save myself. I paid and “went”, virtually, to a London urologist who specialises in complicated and chronic UTI’s and gets RID of them for good.

I got the meds, my pain was improving drastically, the scary swelling in my eyes and ankles that I’d had for months was going down and then BAM – one week into this treatment which was working, I got Covid for the very first time.

It made my kidney’s 100 times worse, like the pain felt as if they would pop out my body. Covid went away, but my kidneys weren’t getting better…making me think, “what’s next? I have no other safe antibiotic options”. A scary position I haven’t been in since I was two years old – a historic near-death event from my childhood I barely recall, which made the current dilemma all the more alarming.

I decided to contact a naturopathic urologist in Canada.

I had no idea what to expect but my own research had led me to find a whole new world of hidden research on plant medicine. I knew oregano oil could help but was too scared to take it without real experience in herbal medicine [if you’re reading this, please don’t buy/ingest normal oregano oil, it has to be the medicinal, food version and it’s literally a couple of drops, MUST BE IN CARRIER OIL - taking too much, like any other medicine, can kill you].

I had a consult with this new doctor and began to take oregano oil alongside the antibiotics, biofilm breakers and a supplementary cocktail of helpful compounds. AND LIKE A MIRACLE, with every single dose I felt a small “herx” a.k.a Herxheimer reaction[vii], and then lessening of my symptoms. In a fortnight, I actually enjoyed watching a movie, for the first time after all the palaver.

Things were looking good - life was still hard and I’d spent all my savings on healthcare, but I thought “by 2023 I’ll be back to normal and on track”.

But the universe had other plans.

And the biofilm disruptor was beginning to disrupt hidden health issues I had no idea I had.

Just around New Year’s my gums started bleeding. Then it got worse. Worse to the point where anytime I brushed my teeth, it looked like someone had punched me in a boxing match.

It was odd and painful – to the point where I couldn’t bear to wash my face in the mornings.

I will fast forward here, because life’s too short for the minute details of medical failings…5 dental visits to 5 different dentists, one pointless scan, one proper CBCT scan based on my intuition, me pointing out “hey doc, my tooth is ABSCESSED, please look at the scan”, 5 AnE visits from the infection spreading like crazy down my neck… causing chest pain, breathing issues and severe sleeping/eating issues.


I was dying, because no doctor from THE SYSTEM was willing to deal with the issue properly. I was in bed, not able to get up or sleep or eat, in an endless loop thinking “if I’m gonna go [i.e. die], that’s ok, but I want it to happen without too much suffering”.

Freeze that image for a second – just before things got DESPERATELY bad [like on my deathbed literally kinda bad] I was on another search craze…trying to find a super plant antibiotic, or at least a combo that could save me from ever having to experience sepsis.

That was when I came across bee venom therapy. And I came across Lyme disease.

A disease which sounded awful, once again neglected by THE SYSTEM and brushed off after a round of antibiotics[viii]. A disease which did not respond to antibiotics because of the biological tricks parasite use to hide in cysts and biofilms. A disease that kills slowly and painfully. A disease that can be fully healed with BVT[ix].

Surely, if someone had Lyme disease, they would know…right?


That’s what I thought. What an awful disease and “thank heavens I don’t have THAT”.

Except my symptoms seemed to overlap when I looked at the big picture – chest pain, gasping for air, peripheral neuropathy [including a reaction to Metronidozole, an antibiotic that targets Lyme bacteria[x]], skin crawling…much more plus the dental and kidney issues seem to be a theme for people with Lyme disease because of the co-infections.

“I don’t have it” was my line. But I’m a big fan of testing and so I thought – “hell, what’s one more blood test gonna do? Let’s do it.”

I knew Lyme testing is notoriously tricky. With low reliability and tendency to show false negatives in first line tests – so tricky in fact that with a Lyme blood test, you have to test not for the bacteria but antibodies to the bacteria, because the Lyme hides.

SURELY, I’m not positive. But if BVT can boost the immune system, help people with such an awful condition, and according to most research works for 86% of gram-positive and 50% of gram-negative bacteria, then BVT will work for me.

I had no time to mess around. I could feel my energy fading, I could FEEL I was dying, and I knew intuitively what the only way forward was.

I messaged beekeepers all around Scotland. No one would help me, except a kind Highland beekeeper who offered some advice on how to attract bees to my garden. He told me that BVT was practiced in the Highlands by beekeepers and even some qualified GP’s are willing to stand-by to make the initial test sting safer. He told me about books I should read – Charlie Mraz and Dr Beck – and offered me solace that I’m not going mad, despite central belt beekeepers thinking I’m a terrible person for trying to use bees in that way.

But it was March and rainy. No bees would be flying into my garden.

As a last desperate measure to save my life, I went to the only park I knew had a beehive. And for the first time in my life, I tried to steal – steal bees because my life literally depended on it.

Circumstances made it impossible. I didn’t want to get caught and didn’t know how to REALLY REALLY make people understand how the golden insect could save my life.

I went home defeated, looking out the window praying for bees, like Noah waiting for the flood, I knew it had to happen.

Nowruz came. My still-very-young aunt passed away painfully from the effects of chemo [you’re free to think otherwise, but not a single family member of mine has survived chemo…I maintain it was the chemo that made her so ill]. Crowds of people with neuromuscular health conditions in a FB group I’m in, were dying one after the other, young and old alike. I felt I could be next.

A few days prior to being bedbound and unable to eat, I had emailed the only beekeepers I found in the UK through a forum, who would sell bees for BVT.

And thankfully a few days after the new year, he replied. It was a yes.

I could finally try it – either anaphylactic shock or getting better. The whole concept felt like madness, but after trying the “sane” methods and getting worse, INsane seems to be the only way to go.

My life was a Lord of the Rings adventure – “find the golden insect, the apis mellifera and use its venom to escape the grasps of Death”. I watched too many movies in my childhood – is this how life goes when you watch movies…your life BECOMES a movie?

Back to that image we froze earlier. Me in bed, never asleep, never really awake, dying with hot water bottles on my chest, neck, and feet…basically wherever I could fit a hot water bottle.

The results came through – I checked my emails slowly, in bed and WHAT? I had Lyme disease.

I have, HAVE Lyme disease.

I needed to repeat it to believe it.

I have Lyme disease.

And now I know [according to my amazing new doctor who is helping me] – I also have co-infections of Bartonella and suspected Babesia, lots of mould, a few viruses and just to top it off, I also have roundworms [don’t freak out, if you’re reading this you should also check for worms, they’re more common than Western medicine likes to admit[xi]]. I got it all baby!

I started the BVT, needing 3 people to hold me down for the first sting – being terrified as I watched the bee moving its legs in the tweezer, still thinking, “how on earth am I going to do this”?

With each session, slowly but surely, I’ve progressed from dying to getting back to my chair – eating, sometimes with voracious appetite to make up for months of being ill – getting stronger muscles.

Getting back on my long long journey to real health.

Because natural medicine is the only real medicine.

And luckily, there are bees on every continent there’s ticks – that means every continent in the world except for Antarctica.

Some facts people should know about Lyme disease:

- Antibiotics DO NOT WORK except for the very early stages

- Testing is not accurate – IgenX is more accurate

- Co-infections are a thing and must be treated separately.

- It can be sexually transmitted and transmitted from mother to fetus

- It mimics many diseases and health condition, it’s also one of the underlying factor in many health conditions like Alzheimer’s and MS [google Bredesen protocol and Pam Bartha].

- You will not necessarily know if you’re bitten by a tick, people with darker skin will also not have the same mark as people with lighter skin.

Some facts about the bee population and BVT:

- Yes, the bees do die when they sting. However the number of bees needed to completely heal someone from Lyme [it’s a 3 year protocol] is negligible because of the number of eggs a queen bee lays in 2 days will replace that number easily.

- Honeybees [used for BVT] are not endangered, other bee species are.

- Using pesticides, GMO and non-organic food, mono-cropping and in general supporting big business and big pharma is killing bees in hordes, not BVT.

- If not used for BVT, bees usually go outside their colony to starve to death, or get ripped up by a wasp [not a pleasant death so nature isn’t much kinder].

- It is, like any other medication, dangerous if not used properly. So please follow a sound protocol.

To every single person who’s helped me [either financially, or practically, or emotionally], I’ve extremely grateful – from the bottom of my heart.

I’m on a long journey to heal from Lyme, co-infections and mould, lots and lots of mould.

With the help of the people around me and ultimately, with the help of nature. Because that’s the only real medicine there is.

[i] [ii] [iii] [iv] [v] [vi] [vii] [viii] [ix] [x] [xi]

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