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Tax on Me exposes the unjust realities of Care Tax levied on disabled people who need support for basic human rights: rights such as going to the toilet; getting out of bed; going to work, or visiting friends and family.


The Care Tax is a double taxation that society at large is shocked to learn about. Tax on Me asks the question of whether others find it acceptable to pay for their basic human rights, and if not, why disabled people are expected to do so.


The Tax affects me and 10 000 others in Scotland – despite paying tax to fund our social care system, we are forced to pay again at point of service.  The amount varies according to the council; and benefits, student loan/bursary and income from employment are all taken into account as taxable income.


Ultimately, I’m a post-graduate filmmaker, activist and stargazer, trying to live my life like any other millennial. I made this film so people could understand my reality and join me in taking action to end the Care Tax. Should I really pay Tax to be on a level playing field in our society?


I argue I shouldn’t, one beat at a time.

I made this film in collaboration with media co-op during my 3 month internship. 

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