Photography by Radka Filipská

Colour Design by Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi

Make-up Design by Nik Makeup Artist

Starring Ismay Hutton

LOUD AND PROUD: The Krunchy Krisp Ad

Following the "Lady Doritos" comment from the CEO of Doritos early in 2018, we proudly present LOUD and PROUD: the pop-art inspired parody Krunchy Krisp Ad for ALL genders.

It's a celebration of everything that defies societal judgement and a chance to refuel the much needed discussion around patriarchal standards that STILL exist in the 21st Century.

Throughout history women have demanded equality; not more overpriced and unnecessarily gendered products.

Check out the Loud and Proud Facebook page to watch the film. We've been fortunate to be chosen for many film festivals across the globe. 


If you'd like to buy posters or other merchandise from this brand, contact me - all money [after costs of film have been recovered] will go towards paying the film crew. 

This film was produced independently in Scotland. 

Copyright 2020 All rights reserved to KKreative/Kiana Kalantar-Hormozi

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