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Scevo Crowdfunding Image v3.png

The Scevo

It's the first ever [practical] stairclimbing robotic wheelchair that revolutionises the meaning of accessibility. 

I need €35 000 to get it! That's a lot of money yes and there's a fundraiser for that here. However, my friends and family aren't rich and the government doesn't fund real wheelchairs [there's a limited, awful range of NHS wheelchairs that's unsuitable for most people]. 

SO - I want to fundraise £2200 to work with talented people and design creative tools for a bigger campaign. 

With these tools I can run a media campaign involving local and national [and international] supporters to back my fundraiser and petition to the government to make the Scevo [and proper wheelchairs] available to EVERYONE who needs them. 

I want to involve pubs, clubs, celebrities, activists, scientists and your third cousin twice removed. Accessibility is a collective responsibility


Keep tuned for updates once the Covid-19 situation is under control. 

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